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SUGAR BROOK CABINS will answer all your needs for the family, singles, the retired couple or a family looking for a second investment to enjoy.  A customized dream cabin to live in or spend the weekend or summer will help you relax; spend more downtime with each other or fun time with your family.  Just what the cabin is made for.  It is amazing how many drawings we have for 400 sq. ft., everything from plush to rustic interior.  Exterior that can be built to your taste.   
    We have a variety of choices to choose from. You decide the flooring, siding, cabinets, and walls.  These are all made of wood to make a substantial heavy and secure cabin. You will NOT feel a fifty plus wind storm passing thru while in the cabin; it is that insulated and secure. Our metal roof is made in 18 different colors to choose from with a forty-year paint warranty. Siding is cedar logs or smart lap of green ash, cedar (reddish) or silver ash colors. We have received only compliments for replacing the birch paneling, although still available, with tong-n-grove cypress or natural pine.
    One common standard for determining which certain materials and designs are used is by the owner of the mother company living in the different cabins.  Living in our cabins has been the best way to make that right decision. There are also numerous decisions we make from customers ideas and comments.  Safety is always the major factor in building your customized cabin; we keep this in mind on every change or modification.  
        There are plenty of good reasons to purchase a Sugar Brook Cabin. We have trained employees to help you make the decisions you will enjoy when using your cabin. We invite you to tour our plant and see with your own eyes how it is made with all wood, no pre-fab. 

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